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A few hours in the Galveston Beach

less than 1 minute read

It is the semester break and a few from our community wanted to have fresh airs. So, we chose Galveston beach as it is just an hour’s drive from Harris Count...

Line Plotting using Latex PGFPlots

2 minute read

In this post I have added example codes and a short explanation on how to draw line plots using latex. All codes and outputs are available in the Overleaf Do...

Latex Resources in a Nutshell

1 minute read

Latex Editors Online There are several latex editors available online. However, none of the other ones are as powerful and trusted as Overleaf. Overleaf come...

Creating Bar Charts using Python Matplotlib

3 minute read

Python Bar Plots Matplotlib is the most usual package for creating graphs using python language. Here, in this tutorial we will see a few examples of python ...

How to write algorithm in Latex

1 minute read

While writing any research article in Latex, so often we demonstrate an algorithm according to our proposed model, workflow or architecture.

How to add subfigure in Latex

1 minute read

In research articles, we need to add subfigures often. To create subfigure in latex, you can use both \begin{minipage}...\end{minipage} and \begin{subfigure}...


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All this happened when I started capturing the beauties I find in the surroundings