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Recently, we visited Colorado and it was one of the best trip of my life. Here, in this series, I will cover the details of the trip day-by-day.

Tour Plan - Day 01

(Buy foods/groceries from Walmart at Dillon Reservoir) - Keystone - Loveland Pass (White River National Forest) - Lake Summit - Mount Evans - Keystone map: https://goo.gl/maps/vfNeVoBABWuoCs2GA

Short Details


So, we actually rented an apartment in the Keystone Condominium through AirBnB. Keystone is very popular for Ice skating, mountain biking, and many other activities. Since this was summer and there were fewer people, we got the apartment at a cheaper rate. The place was nice and we really enjoyed it.

Loveland Pass

We went to the Mount Evans Scenic Byway through the Loveland pass. Loveland Pass is a high mountain pass in north-central Colorado. It has an elevation of 11,990 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains. This is the viewpoint where people park their cars and have an awesome view.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Then we went to the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. It requires 15$ to enter the mount evans scenic byway. However, if you have the national park annual pass, you can enter here for free.

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. The views up to Mount Evans are breathtaking, with echo lake, and the most beautiful summit lake close to the peak.

The summit lake

The summit lake is located near the peak. If you want to hike, there are a lot of trails. Also a nice place to start seeing some mountain goats.

The Mount Evans Peak

Unfortunately, the weather was harsh at the peak of mount evans and it was snowing heavily. the only thing we could do was to take some photos.


You can watch this video for more details:

So, it was an wonderful first day of the tour. Before returning back to Keystone, we stopped at the echo lake and later went to see the sunset at Lake Dillon.

Detailed Drone Shots

Keystone City

Summit Lake

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

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Final Notes

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