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If you need to add a signature space and line, just create a table of one column. You can do it without creating a table too, however, it helps if you need additional customization in the left or right side.

In the following code, \vspace{25mm} is used to have a space for the signature. You can customize the number according to your need.

Later, \hrulefill is used to fill up the size of the column with a horizontal line. Here, I used $2.5$ inches. Customize it based on your need.

\hrulefill \\
Shanto Roy \\
University of Houston

If you want to add a date in thr right side, just add two extra columns in the table: the first one to have extra space in the middle, and the last column includes the date.

\hrulefill && Date: 17 February, 2022\\
Shanto Roy &&\\
University of Houston

That’s all, cheers!

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