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One of my previous collaborators was having an issue while adding the tikz package to the IEEE Access template. Later I looked into the problem and tried the existing solutions available online. However, none of those worked alone and I had to summarize the solution. Here is how I solved the problem.

Required packages for plotting


Usually the \usepackage{tikz} arises an issue if included in the IEEE Access Latex template. The solutions available in the net have several issues and I had a tough time figuring out which works better. Later I summarized the solution in just two steps and it works fine now. The solution template is available in a modified short Overleaf IEEE Access Template.


  • In ieeeaccess.cls file -> change \def\year to \def\Year
  • In access.tex file -> add the following after \usepackage{tikz}
      \AddSpotColor{PANTONE} {PANTONE3015C} {PANTONE\SpotSpace 3015\SpotSpace C} {1 0.3 0 0.2}

    Now, you are all set. Once again, you can access and download the modified files from the modified Overleaf IEEE Access Template.


# tikz package causing error in IEEE access template

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