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It is the semester break and a few from our community wanted to have fresh airs. So, we chose Galveston beach as it is just an hour’s drive from Harris County. We spent a few hours there until sunset and it was enjoyable. This is also the first time I went outside Houston’s main city after arriving in the USA.

In the first few hours, we spent time walking on the beach and coastline. Before that, we parked our car at the Seawall road for $1/hour. The best part was spending time at the edge of rocky walkways. Here, I include a few photos of the walkways.

Later, in the afternoon, we spent the rest of the hours at a fishing pier at the entrance fee of $2/person. We returned to our car after the sun was set. Here are a few photos of the moments.

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I have started posting my travel diary on a new travel blog Digital Nomad Goals. Read my stories there. Here’s a few examples:

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