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I have started vlogging and I have already uploaded a number of videos on YouTube. If you have not visited my channel yet, you can take a look.

In this post, I will list the tools I have used or usually use to edit my videos. In a later post, I will share the list of devices I use for vlogging.

Video Editor

Since most of my videos are simple and I usually do not edit that much, iMovie seems a good fit for me. Apart from that, I have also used DaVinci Resolve and the insta360 Studio.


Since I use a macbook pro, iMovie suits best for my need. It’s free and the user interface is the easiest to work with.

There is a costly version of it, which is named as Final Cut Pro. However, unless in future, i become a full-time vlogger, I will not need it or Primier Pro or any other paid video editing software.

I have added a sample screenshot of the iMovie interface.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci has both free and paid versions. The free version does everything we need and offers a lot more options including using the popular LUTs.

However, it takes some time to learn the video editing software since it has many options and tricks. Also, this is why the UI looks a bit more complex.

insta360 Studio

I have started using the insta360 studio after I bought an insta360 camera. This video editing software is required to edit 360 videos. Initially, I use the 360 camera to reframe the whole video. then I export the reframed video to use it later in iMovie or in the DaVinci Resolve.

Screen + Audio Recorder -> OBS Studio

Sometimes, I capture my screen while also talking at the same time. In that case, to simultaneously record audio and screen, I use OBS studio. For any screen-based tutorial video, you can choose this excellent free software.

YouTube Thumbnail Editor -> Canva

Canva is the best graphics editor and a convenient cloud tool. To create video thumbnails I use templates related to YouTube thumbnail.

You can get exactly the same resolution with numerous free templates. I usually choose and export a frame from my video. then I add it to one of the templates I choose on Canva. I edit rest of the part and export it to upload as a thumbnail on YouTube.

Audio Recorder + Editor -> Audacity

To record and edit voice messages, I use Audacity, another free tool that provides all the necessary options for for editing recorded audios.

That’s all folks! Plaese, let me know if you are using some other amazing free tools.

Happy vlogging!

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