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Personal website or portfolio works as our own marketing tool for letting people know about our skills, products, and personalities. I started my personal website using the Google Sites. If interested, you can check my first portfolio website.

Then I started my own blog using a Jekyll theme called Minimal Mistakes. Initially, I created a portfolio here with the same theme. However, that does not look very cool and I started looking for some responsive portfolio templates that I can use. If you go to the resume section of my blog, you will find me using one. The template I have been using is Resume-bootstrap4.

However, i found a few other templates really awesome. You can download these templates for free. All you need to know is basic HTML. Then just start editing, host somewhere, and attach a domain name.

Here is a list of top five my most favorite and suitable bootstrap templates (specially for students):

That’s all for today. If you found any other good-looking free templates, please let us know in the comment section. Thanks!

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