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I love to explore places. As I am currently pursuing PhD in University of Houston and this is only my first year, surely, I will be staying here for the next three years.

So, I plan to share photos and videos of the places I have already visited and the ones I am going to visit. There will be a series of posts entitled Hangouts near Houston.

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San Jacinto Battleground Historic Site

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic is just $25$ minutes drive from the University of Houston and has a long history about Texas Revolution.

You can visit the San Jacinto Monument and the Museum Battleship here. There is a museum inside the San Jacinto Monument as well. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, both of the museums were closed and we just roamed the surroundings. Here is a video where you can find both places.

Fishing in Huntsville

Huntsville is full of lakes and the Huntsville state park itself is quite nice. We could not visit the state park as it required booking beforehand. Therefore, we decided to do fishing in a random lakeside and the surrounding was really nice.

The following video presents a few moments of that excellent afternoon.

P.S. I just started learning video editing and the qualities are not that good. Please, feel free to check my other new videos on my YouTube channel. Thanks.

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