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Vulnerable code analysis is an excellent way of learning secure by design coding. Most of the cyber attacks take place due to human error and existing bugs in the code, which might be unintentional yet risky.

Now-a-days, I found Twitter as one of the best social medias where you can network with people and find awesome resources shared by the people of the similar background. Also, almost all of the industry leaders are quite active on this platform.

Recently, I started following Harsh Bothra, who has been continuing a series tutorial on vulnerable code analysis. He first posts different code snippets on his timeline (with hashtag #securityexplained) and then posts the solution (what type of vulnerabilities are there) on this github repo.

I have just started going through the resources. I guess almost all of the code snippets are related to web security, where you can learn why a particular code can be vulnerable to XSS, SQL injection, or CSRF attacks.

I will post the details later in another post after I finish looking at the whole resource.

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