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Latex Editors


There are several latex editors available online. However, none of the other ones are as powerful and trusted as Overleaf. Overleaf comes with a lot of templates including the official conference/ journal templates. You will also find CV templates and other letter/report/book templates. I always prefer using online tool over offline ones because you can work collaboratively by sharing the edit link of a document. Also, you do not need to worry about a particular computer and making it heavy with a new software. Previously there was another good platform named ShareLatex. Now, it is merged with Overleaf.


Although I do not prefer using latex offline, I had a good experience using the following two latex editors. The extra advantage you will find here is the shortcut formatting options alike MS Office or Libre Office so that you will not have to memorize many of the commands. Though, everything can be found online within milliseconds.

Note that, you will have to install latex environment first before installing these editors:

Quick Learn

Useful Complete resources

Cheat Sheet

Latex Forums

My own Blog Posts

You can find all Latex oriented posts of mine in: https://shantoroy.com/categories/#latex

Some of those are included here.

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