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Cameras are the primary equipment for vlogging, and I use a few small-size cameras to record my videos. Usually, I use small and convenient cameras rather than bulky DSLRs with lenses. It depends on the need, however.

My most videos are either sports- or travel-oriented. Therefore, using action cameras and drone support all of my needs. Here, I am listing the ones I usually use most.

Action Camera - GoPro Hero 8

I have been using a GoPro Hero 8 Black for a few years and am pretty happy with the video quality. I usually shoot wide at 4K resolution and 30 fps.

The colors are fantastic, excellent HDR quality that works quite handsome against even the sun and offers quality stabilization. I usually use my GoPro most for sports, for example, cycling. In the future, I can move to an updated version of GoPro.

360 Camera - Insta360 RS

The 360 camera is a recent addition to my collection and offers various shots from different angles. A 360 camera takes shots all around it and only requires reframing while editing. I bought the Insta360 One RS version as I liked the modular design.

The best part of using a 360 camera is I don’t have to worry about the direction. You just leave it as it is, and it takes shots all around. We can reframe the videos later in whichever direction we prefer. It has become my number one travel companion.

Phone - iPhone

Sometimes, there can be unplanned events, and we often go outside with only our phones. In that case, the phone camera is the most helpful option.

I have iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it provides good video quality when needed. Except I wish the front camera could be better. Although I have yet to use the phone camera a lot, it is useful in some situations.

Drone - DJI Mini 2

My most favorite travel camera is the drone camera. I use the DJI Mini 2, which offers 4K resolution videos, and takes little space in my backpack. It’s also the most lightweight drone in DJI’s stock.

For cinematic videos, Mini 2 is good enough for me even though it has minimal options and has issues in windy situations. Also, it does not have a tracking option, which is handy for sports videos.

Maybe in the future, I will buy something that offers to track an object and has more obstacle sensors. I found Skydio, another drone company, and their products quite good for sports. Maybe that can be a good option, too.

PC Webcam

I do not use PC webcam that much except for making tutorial videos. I have not made any tutorial videos yet, however, I tried the PC webcam to check how it works. Maybe in the future, I will use it for tutorial videos.


Mounting Accessories

In the following, I list the accessories that I use to hold cameras.

  1. Tripod
  2. Selfie Stick
  3. Helmet Mount
  4. Chest Mount


  1. Although, now I do not use DSLRs. However, I used to use UV filters and ND filters.
  2. The drone also has ND filters for a more cinematic look

Extra Items

It’s always better to carry extra batteries and memory cards. I carry 3 additional batteries for my GoPro and 1 for my Mini 2 drone.

That’s all for today. Have a great day!!! Cheers!!! 😎

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Final Notes

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