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Recently, we visited the Big Bend National Park and it was an excellent road trip experience from Houston. In this post, I will post some details regarding the most hiked place in Big Bend National Park.

Chisos Basin is the most hiked place all around the Big Bend National Park. There are Chisos mountain ranges and offer spectacular hikes.

Here is a video of the road that leads to the Chisos Basin Visitor Center.

Here, we stopped on the way.

The visitor center has exhibits on plants and animals found in the Chisos Basin. There are a few lodges to stay overnight as well.

There is also a Chisos Basin Campground that is only around a mile hike from the visitor center. All the hikes start from the visitor center in different directions.

Probably, the most scenic hike is the Emory Peak hike, which is around 5/6 miles roundtrip. As the temparature hit more than $100$ degree $F$, we only hiked the Chisos Basin loop trail, which was $2.4$ miles hike and connects all most other important hiking trails.

The most iconic view is the Window between two mountains. Here’s a view of the Window.

If you have enough time, feel free to hike all other trails, which are quite spectacular, specially the Emory Peak hike. It is advised to stay overnight in the lodges and start the hike early in the morning if visited in Summer time.

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