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Here, in this post, I will list the most popular parks in Houston for different activities including walking, running, skating, and mountain biking.

Herman Park

Hermann Park is a 445-acre urban park in Houston, located near the medical area and just beside the Brays Bayou. It includes the Houston zoo, a golf court, and the Japanese garden. Also, the most popular place for barbecue. Check out the following video where I tried to cover most of the areas.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is just situated just beside the Houston Downtown. It is a 2.3 mile long municipal park and has a total area of 160 acres. It connects the Allen parkway and Memorial drive. Checkout my video where I tried to cover some trails while biking.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is one of the largest municipal park in Houston. It has several popular trails including the Green Ridge trail, red/blue/purple/yellow trails, and a few other, which are loved by both joggers and mountain bikers.

The following video covers the Green ridge trail in the memorial park.

Brays Bayou

Brays Bayou Greenway is also very popular among cyclists, runners, and skaters. It has a direct underground connection with the memorial park. It includes more than 30 miles of hike-and-bike trails alongside the Bayou.

The following two videos cover some portion of the greenway.

Terry-Hershey Park

Terry-Hershey park is also located beside the Buffalo Bayou almost 6 miles long. Anthills bike trail is the most popular trail here for hardcore mountain bikers. Also, there is a bike park at the end.

The following three videos cover some trails of the Anthills. checkout my other post on Anthills! MTB in Texas: Anthills Hike and Bike Trail (Bike Park in Houston!)

Huntsville State Park

It is a state park and almost an hour and half driving distance away from Houston downtown. It has plenty of hiking and biking trails, which are quite awesome.

You can read more here,

Hikining near Houston: Huntsville State Park Hiking and Biking Trail

I will keep adding other parks after exploring and having some nice shots. Have a good day, cheers!!!

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Final Notes

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