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We went for a one-night camping at the Martin Dies, Jr. State Park which is a 705-acre recreation area located along U.S. Route 190 on the banks of the Steinhagen Reservoir in Jasper and Tyler counties in Texas. Here, in this video, I tried to show the surrounding areas and campsites in the lakeside park. Except the heat, it was quite a nice experience camping there.

Unfortunately, the Walnut Ridge Unit was closed due to maintenance at this time. Also, we were not able to rent Kayaks here. The condition of the available bikes are not good. I took my own bike and visited a couple of trails alone. It is better you take your own Kayak/bike there. There is one bathing place, the water seems okay for bathing. Washrooms near the bathing area is good. Except that one, other washrooms are not that good in quality.

Here, I linked two videos: the first one is a summary of our camping (although I missed capturing a lot of moments including games, camp fire, etc.).

The other video covers the only trail I finished. There are several other trails, however, I could not get enough time to visit.

The Slough Trail is one of the closest and easiest walk/bike trail near the Martin Dies Jr. State Park, Jasper, TX. Apart from our camping, I explored a few trails. This is the only one, I completely explored. The trail map is provided at the beginning of the video including the distance from our camp site.

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