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Coding interview is one of the most common steps in an tech job interview. Here, I have added a few resources to prepare ourselves in a short time.

Short List of Codes

Blind 75 is a curated list of top $75$ questions that cover all data structures and problem variations. The study plan is also available in The Tech Interview Handbook. However, Grind 75 provides the best outline in an interactive manner, where you can customize the duration of practice. Also, if you need YouTube videos for understanding the problems, you can find Blind 75 Leetcode problems : Detailed Video Solutions pretty useful.

Cheat Sheet

Python Cheat Sheets

  1. KDnuggets Python String Processing Cheatsheet
  2. coding-interview-university

Data Structure in Python

  1. Binary search cheat sheet
  2. Binary Tree Cheat Sheet for next Interview
  3. Binary tree traversals cheat sheet for coding interviews
  4. Linked-List Cheat Sheet

Coding Platforms

Usually, for attending in interview, you may have to use one of the following platforms. There might be others, but I only faced the following four.

  1. Hackerrank
  2. Codesignal
  3. Leetcode
  4. HireVue

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