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Recently, we went to visit Corpus christi sea beaches. Corpus Christi has some of the best sea beaches in Texas. We spent quality time in some of the most popular beaches and I will share some information in this post regarding that.

Whitecap Beach

Before even we started our journey, we started looking for a place to stay that is close to the sea beaches. We spent one night in Corpus Christi and booked Oyo Motel that is close to the whitecap beach. It was a lot cheaper than any other option.

Before even checking in, we went to one of the most popular beaches named Whitecap Beach and spent some times before the sun set in the west. It has white sands and a pier. I guess, most people start Corpus Christi with this beach. Here is a video showing the surroundings of the beach.

Mustang-Padre Island beach

We went to visit this beach in the very next morning and found it near empty since comparatively a lot fewer people were there. This beach is also pretty cool and we enjoyed the sunrise there.

You guys have to be a bit careful there with your cars. The sands are very light close to the shore. So, try to keep your car far away from the shore. Check out the following video for having a nice idea of the beach.

USS Lexington Museum (North Beach)

Later we went to visit the North beach and USS Lexington. I will highly recommend having a tour in this career ship. We spent almost two hours in the battleship museum and had a great experience.

Then we took a bath in the North beach. The water is greenish and I guess most appropriate beach for having a bath or sun-bath. There is a pier just beside the USS Lexington and it was worth walking down the end. You can have an wonderful view of the USS Lexington, the Downtown, and the Harbor bridge. This pier had the most astonishing view during the time of sunset.

I will upload a video later on my YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more contents! thanks!!!

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Final Notes

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