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We visited the fort Travis Seashore Park located at Bolivar Peninsula in Texas in early August. It is a historic site that offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and restrooms. The total area is around 70 Acres.

According to the Wikipedia, Fort Travis Seashore Park is also the historic Fort Travis military site with bunkers. Construction of Fort Travis began on 8 April 1898, and was completed in October 1899.

If you want to go there from Houston, you can go to Galveston first and then you need to go to the Port Bolivar by Ferry, which is free of charge and is active throughout the day. It was great spending sometimes in the late afternoon before we took the Ferry once again to return back to Galveston and then Houston. Here’s the map of the park: https://goo.gl/maps/yxK8kiJEyD1x6nAL9

In the following video, I have added some aerial views for your convenience.

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Final Notes

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