Add Copyright Notice and Conference Name in IEEE Conference Template

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After sending the acceptance notification, most of the IEEE conferences ask authors to add a copyright notice at the left footer and the conference name at the right header position of the first page in the manuscript. In this tutorial, I note the required code to do that.



  {\footnotesize xxx-x-xxxx-xxxx-x/xx/\$31.00~\copyright~2018 IEEE\hfill} % <--- Change here


     \parbox{0.5\textwidth}{\raggedleft\fontsize{9}{11}\selectfont #1}}

\title{Your Paper Title goes right Here}
\conf{International Conference on XXXXX, XXXX and XXXXX (ICXXX) 14-16 November, 2018} % Change according to their suggestion


\author{\IEEEauthorblockN{Author I\IEEEauthorrefmark{1}, Author II\IEEEauthorrefmark{2}, Author III\IEEEauthorrefmark{3}, and Author IV\IEEEauthorrefmark{4}}
\IEEEauthorblockA{Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, University of X,
Country X\IEEEauthorrefmark{1}\\
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Y, Country Y\IEEEauthorrefmark{2}\IEEEauthorrefmark{3}\\
Institute of Information Technology, University of Z, Country Z\IEEEauthorrefmark{4}\\
Email: authorI\IEEEauthorrefmark{1},  authorII\IEEEauthorrefmark{2},  authorIII\IEEEauthorrefmark{3},

Abstract goes here

Introduction here

\section{Literature Overview}
Background or existing work summaries \cite{roy2017combined}

Methodology explained here

\section{Implementation and Result}
Graphs or outputs here

Significance, Limitations, and Future works here

Conclusion here

\bibliography{References}   % Using Bibtex for References.bib

% that's all folks

You will find the code in Overleaf

The output will look like the following-

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