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We visited the Huntsville state park a few days back and it is an excellent place for hikers and bikers. It took around an hour and fifteen minutes to reach the entrance. We parked in a parking area close to the entrance and started hiking a trail immediately.

Huntsville State Park is a large recreational area that offers camping, hiking, biking, rowing, and different other recreational activities. The park is six miles southwest of Huntsville, Texas, and within the Sam Houston National Forest. There are many trails within the park, and probably the most popular one is the Chinquapin Loop Trail (6.7 miles long). Other than that there are some other trails for hiking and biking. Check here:


We hiked the Chinquapin Loop Trail in mid October and here, in this video, I have added a few aerial shots around the lake view part of the trail. It was a great experience hiking with the Professor and my other lab mates.

In the following video, I have added some aerial shots for your convenience.

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